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So I figured a ton of things out lately. The car wasn’t starting because the CAS was 180 degrees out of phase. I put it right and placed it approximately where it needed to go. Yay, it started! That Optima was just OVERKILL, but now I have a huge chunk of red sex in the engine bay that I can show off to the friends and pundits. 🙂 Snarf.

I bought a new clutch master cyl and put that in…the slave needs a ton more bleeding, but it got the car to ROLL! I drove the thing around today…stalled out quite a few times because of exhaust leaks and megaleaks, but I kept going nonetheless until I could get the damn thing going into 2nd. The power was just waiting to be unleashed.

If I spent 1/4 as much time on my thesis as I do on the car, it would have been done months ago. NOT GOOD.

The car still needs to be timed with the gun I bought the other day. I’ll do that sometime.

Garrick’s two-year anniversary is tomorrow. I’m feeling a little emo just thinking about it, but I know he’s in a better place. I miss him a lot. The car was built in honor of him…I bet he’s up in the sky grinning at how ugly it is. Guess what, f00? It may be ugly, but it runs!

Ok, back to the HW. I’m going to fail my history class if I don’t bang out at least five pages in the next six or so hours. Late.

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