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This is ridiculous. This is horrific.

It is absolutely sickening to realize this happened in NYC in front of the UN Building…or anywhere in the USA. This is something the progenitors of nonviolence—Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.—dealt with on a regular basis with the British or the violent whites of their respective eras.

I never thought we finished growing up as a nation, but to see these things unfold through the unblinking eye of a camera is further proof of our immaturity and tenuous-if-wispy ties to the world around us as a nation.

When people are beaten in the streets for protesting the state of things, when men and women fight another country for a reason that is becoming less tangible by the day, when a nation that elects an irresponsible man into the most powerful office in the world turns a blind eye toward the inner happenings of their neighborhoods, you know something’s not right.

How do we fix it?

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