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Last night was supposed to be a night of chillin and relaxing—a night that was meant to celebrate the fact that I finished writing my thesis. It ended up being much more than that! This one gets a 10 out of 10 on the “Good Lawd”-o-Meter…read on, my friends!

To celebrate, I went to the bar, where my favorite band was playing. The James Douglas Show was scheduled to rock out, so I got there at 9 and chilled with Guilhem for a bit while the guys in the band set up. I had seen my new friend Amy at the gas station earlier that day, and had told her about the concert so she’d come and bring her ridiculously hot friend Ashley B (ohhhh shawty) to chill out and have a few drinks on me.

The band and I talked for a bit about random stuff while I waited for Amy and Ashley to show—when’s the new album coming out, how’s the biz, etc. I love those guys. They’re honest peeps and amazing musicians, and I envy their lifestyle SO much. I think, though, that I’m more of a homebody in that when I’m away from home for a while, I get homesick (for Socorro/NM, seriously) and become a general creep to others 🙂 Hey, just self-observations here.

Amy and Ashley (!) showed up around 10:30, totally making one half of my night with their presence. Amy had that “tux” shirt and some emo pants on, and was generally looking cute (too bad she bats for the other team….) Ashley…damn, she blew my world apart with her ensemble. (I’m listening to slow jazz at the moment—specifically Kurt Elling’s “Lil’ Darling”—and it has such a perfect feel for describing what she was wearing.) She had some brown/yellow sandals on that accented her ivory feet and ruby nails. A set of the shortest yellow shorts I have ever seen on a woman were wrapped like cellophane around her, and I had to blink to make sure they weren’t painted on. She wore a beautiful mid-cut shirt that reminded me of those shirts that certain French women wear, except without the ruffles at the arms. She topped it all off with a yellow plastic flower in her loose, wavy black hair.

I was minding the pool table when I saw her…my gut clutched and my mind went blank. I swear that a few of the breakers in the back room tripped because of the powerful surge of her electricity.

Something had to be done, so (after sewing my jaw shut) I went up and greeted them with a smile and an offer for drinks that they accepted. I asked my man Bryan for something that was sweet yet strong…he made me this concoction called “Calico Cat” or something else that was equal parts Bacardi 151, coco rum, and pineapple juice. Damn, that was good. Amy, Ashley, and I chilled at the bar and met up with their friends Bobbie and JJ.

After relaxing with their gang for a bit, I went and listened to the band. It was around 11 by now, and the place was finally starting to get packed. Liz and Dawn showed up, and I was happy to see them. A little later on, the Smashley (tall Ashley) arrived with her crew. We jazzed out for a bit and kept listening to the Show.

It was now 11:30, and I was feeling the effects of the eth and whatever evil mix (Three Wise Men) Ashley B had them make for me. I had to pour most of it on the floor, or else I would have been there in its place. I asked Ashley for a dance, and she was good with it.

The Show played a very danceable song, and I tried to help her with her swing. She has potential, but the alcohol didn’t help much with her mad skillz for the night. We ended up holding on to one another and spinning in place (not like I minded in the slightest). It was like this for a while when I noticed she was nosing up at me…I looked down at her and met her eyes with mine in that nearsighted fashion that people do when their faces are close together.

Oh God, please let me get this right.

It’s every guy’s prayer before he moves in for the kill—the last prayer he makes while it’s still a zero-zero game.

Eyes snapped shut, heart slowed, brain quit.

Lips met and opened to expose the flower, pistil and stamens.

Time stopped on a dime.

I was happy, in the sense that you say “soy feliz” (I am happiness embodied) as opposed to “tengo feliz” (I possess happiness). All supernovae exploding, prideful and fearless, strength and softness, angles and curves, was I.

More later, I need shampoo for the fro.


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