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Yep, up late again. This gut of mine is like a small child, temperamental and prone to misbehaving. At least it doesn’t act retarded in the supermarket and knock shelves full of food over in a demented glee, right?

I’m sitting here at El Camino, contemplating the latest in life’s mysteries: the rare gem and the treasure in my life. The gem is a friend that I wish to get to know better, and the treasure is my family.

A Diamond in the Rough

I wrote in a previous blog that I have three women in my life that just keep poppin up. I tried to further stuff with one of them so far (Ashley), with mixed results. We ended up slippin some tongue at the beginning of May, and I—in my usual naïve and innocent way—assumed she wanted something more. I mean, when it came to her, I sure as hell did. On the other hand, she seems more of a tease. I called her up a few times afterward to see if she was interested in hanging out sometime, and she was like, “I’m working/chilling/etc.” I went to see her at work and she was sorta happy to see me. Gave me a “good-friend” side hug and proceeded to tell me about work. Meh…but better than nothing, right? A few blablablas later, I asked her when she was free…Mondays and Tuesdays worked for her. So a week or so passes, and I get the nerve up to text her and see if she wants to do anything on a Monday…she’s up in ABQ doing God knows what/chillin. Her texts are short and choppy…if I care about someone, I make sure to put some time into even a simple text message. Just me? Possibly.

Enough about her; onto someone who I care about who reciprocates.

The Rare Gem

Ginese is one of the most awesome people in my life right now. I really think we have something between us that can actually go somewhere. I’ve felt this for a while, but recent events have really started to push me in this direction.

I bought her a card for her birthday last week, and gave it to her as she worked the evening shift at Springs. It was one of those cheesed-out singing cards that plays some sound clip when opened. The one I got for her played “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood. She responded in kind by getting me a card for my birthday Saturday with a pin on it that said “Cool Kid”. I wore that pin all night and was the total cool kid when my parents showed up for the honorary birthday dinner. I introduced her to my parents and K who drove up when she was getting ready to leave. They (with the exception of my mom) really seemed to like her, and that made me feel all the better on my birthday.

I really wanna move forward with a real relationship with Ginese. We can talk about anything and everything. It pisses me off that my mom is still all “Where is she going to school?” like anyone who hasn’t gone to college isn’t worth a damn. I REALLY LIKE THIS GIRL and I can’t see what time in college would do to enhance the woman I adore, as I like her as she is.

A Treasure

Regardless of what they think about people who I like, I will always love my family. I love my brother with his rebellious/outspoken self, my sister who fights through the toughest battles and emerges bloodied but victorious, my mom who quietly singes her inner pain with the love she holds for us, her children, and my dad, who has worked so hard to regain our trust in him and who continues to try and improve himself as a man and as my mom’s husband to get back in her good graces. These people are in my heart, my every breath. I pray for them every morning and night and ask God to take care of them in tough times. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

One hour of bedtime starts now….

_Nick C


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  1. your great man, you truly are.

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