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All right. So I have a ton on my mind and I feel that a nice, open, don’t-give-a-crap freewrite is in order. Here goes…and hang on.

All done, and I am now worth nothing. Or at least I make nothing worth anything. Strange that my first few weeks out of school find me unemployed and broke as a chandelier in an earthquake. “Find a job,” they say, and I look…nothing’s close by. It would be great to have a job here in town or even in ABQ so I can live rather cheaply and save money up for my student loans and other expenses…but it’s not looking so hot in that area now. Plus I am really really REALLY lazy and not going to school/doing real work has me the most relaxed I’ve been in a while (as long as I don’t think about job hunting, that is).

All this lazy time allows me to think about things…what I want for myself in the future, what I want to be doing as a career, who I wanna be with while I go for my goals. I’ll try to address them in any order I think fits.

I’m not sure technical writing is in the cards for me…I mean, I’m pretty good at it, and I am qualified by an accredited institution of the state of New Mexico to state that fact. I just…I can’t see myself doing something that keeps me inside (getting whiter and whiter ) all day long. I can’t do that with my life…I LOVE being outside and catching life in the act. Whether in photographs, via video, or simple observation, I love to both watch life happen and really be a PART of living in this vibrant world we have been given. So many things going on 24/7/365…I wanna be a part of it all!

Thinking about being a part of things makes me really contemplate the changes in my life I need to make in order to make these potential career choices come true. Let’s see if I can list the following out:

  • I’d like to have a place to call home wherever life takes me.
  • I want a woman to love and cherish and break down on…a best friend who I can trust with everything, one who will catch me when I’m slippin, who will push me to try things new and unknown.
  • My hobbies (though many…I know I gotta get rid of some of them) are what help to keep me sane. Maybe one of them can land me a “real job” somewhere.
  • I want—no, NEED—to get back in shape! Both sides of my family have histories of severe diseases that can be kept at bay by good amounts of exercise and a healthy diet. Sometimes I feel like my bike just sits there and stares at me, saying, “RIDE ME!!!” while I give myself other distracting things to do. If I really tried, I bet I could be in the best shape of my life by my birthday.

Finally, women. WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN…such lovable women. I want them all (to a degree). My good friend Emilia aptly labeled me fickle; she is usually right about how she brands people she knows.
For the longest time, I have been seeking a woman with qualities that mesh with me well. I’ve been looking for a woman who is smart, kind-hearted, sophisticated, and gorgeous in my eyes, one who will push me when I need pushing, and who will not take any crap I dish out. All the women I’ve spent time with while seeking this “ideal” have had pieces of the pie (some more than others), but only a few have come close to running away with my heart in their arms. Some don’t even know how much they mean to me…if they asked, I would tell them numbers that would rival the national debt in size J Why do they have to be so far away?

Ok, done. Freewrite closed. Call back later.




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