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Monthly Archives: July 2011

I’m too damn deep in the tech world, ugh.

So I was thinking a few minutes ago about a new DIY tech project. I have a lot of time, effort, and money invested in my car back in NM, and was thinking that it would suck a whole TON to have it stolen. The thought of a homebrew GPS tracker crossed my mind…something that could run on sun or 12V battery power when the sun’s not out; have decent computing power to run a GPS monitoring program, WWAN, and possibly 802.11 to help triangulate position and get a datastream out to me; and (if there’s enough RAM left to toy with) something that can use a cheap webcam to take a picture with to help determine its location if GPS is unavailable, along with storage space for pics and a way to store them prior to transmission to me here on the homefront.

I’ve had the following thoughts so far for a base system:

  • OpenWRT: a great Linux-based platform for embedded devices, has a HUGE library of compatible hardware
  • various wireless routers compatible with OpenWRT that include hardware USB ports for peripheral devices (a MUST for this plan to work)
  • hardwired USB 3G modem, USB stick storage, USB camera compatible with video4linux drivers
  • some sort of motion/”I’ve been moved” sensor for future thoughts

All this will enable this device (temporarily calling it Cassandra because dammit, I felt like doing so) to be tracked and monitored if it is ever moved from where my car currently sits. Tell me your thoughts on this topic…I’d like to hear from you!