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Me, desaturated.

Well, hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Is it what you were looking for? Perhaps, but that’s not the point. If it IS what you’re looking for, then we have similar interests! Go us. If not, keep reading, and you might find something you like, and get to know another human in the process. Schweet, no?

I consider myself a bit of an outsider who knows how to act “while in Rome”. I’m a guy of proudly-mixed heritage attending a school of mostly white nerds. w00t. That said, it takes a bit to see that I fit in quite well to the society at large. There’s no one else like me in the world!

I love my family members, all five of them (can’t forget my dog).

I want to find love someday…I loved and left a woman in my past because of the short leash she kept me on. Let me run; I swear I’ll come back!

Facebook me for more info, all.

peace and long life.


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  1. Read it all man. Love your work. You keep on doing your thing.

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