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Category Archives: More poetry and prose

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a train and a truck, daddy
a train to go fast, just like you
and a truck to move the dirt, to build a mountain as tall as you are

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a video game like all the other kids have
and to go to the roller coaster and the water slide
let’s watch the big splashes and hear people screaming

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a bike that can take big jumps and a telescope
so me and my best friend can build ramps and ride
all the way to the stars

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a girlfriend, dad, to take on a date
someone told me they kiss really good if they like you
I think they’re lying, but I’m up for trying

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a fast car, dad
maybe I’ll catch a hot girl if I drive fast enough
drive fast enough to escape my fear of rejection

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a job, dad, so I don’t feel so worthless
so I don’t have to make up excuses for friends anymore
why I can’t take a lady out to dinner

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want you and mom to get back together again, dad
for things to be like they were, happy faced
before you showed me the wrong way some things are done

What do you want for your birthday, son?

I want a girlfriend, dad, to kiss and hug and take on a date
maybe even tell her I love her (after sufficient time, of course)
we can give the world a child, so I can ask him,

What do you want for your birthday, son?


He lived in a place lit by the flicker of the flame within,
the fire fed by a woman’s smile, shuttered by the quiet pull
of the blinds he refused to loose.

She lived next door, looking out from time to time, shooting glances
at the man who lived within himself.

She smiled
He waved

It was as if a mirror had made their souls reflect away from one another,
as if a black hole of separation had dug a hole through space-time
to permanently sever hope of a connection between the two.

She smiled
He turned away, unable to smile back.

On the fortuitous day, that, like many others, started off gray,
he eliminated Einstein, stomped Schrodinger, hauled Hawking’s particles away

Filled the black hole to otherwhen,

Walked across the row

And loved her.

I’m in a place where light shines and vanishes—

somewhere in a corner of my mind where the perfect SHE exists.

This is not a place dominated by




It’s merely a place where two people will meet and throw caution to the winds.

As I walk toward her, she extends her arms to me and whispers my name.

Sand buoyed by her breath reaches my humidified skin and dries it of all the




I’ve lived with since I saw her last. I want to grab her and see if she’s real.

But no one could be as good as this one, so pure and broken, so full and empty,

hidden yet bursting from the shadows like a black-veiled flame.

The fruitless search

the heartless rejection

the painful truth of it all

as my apparition sinks back into the sand and scrub of the earth, leaving me

with one question:

Will I ever find what she means to me?

Early morning blood sweat and tears

Late night missed dates and broken promises

You just don’t understand me.

My heart beats in twos, fours, or fives

In, crush, BOOM, out, (and a twist for good measure)

Warming my core and prepping me for launch.

Atria and ventricles come in numbered pairs,

Two, four, six, eight, ten, and sometimes more

Push or spin, moving me just the same.

I grab the earth with paws made of trees’ blood,

Shod with shoes from the interior of Terra herself

Stopped by the hand of man and my own fibers.

Bigger equals better? Not always, my children

As a stronger set of lungs allows little brother to catch

and pass the bluster and roar of his elder, winking all the same.

You feed me the remains of your long-dead relatives

I give them back to the air they once breathed

You can say they are constantly watching over you.

Remember, though, that one day I will grow old and tired

My joints will creak and my ligaments will tear

Please, remember me and that I can live forever with love.

No need to have a baby to remember your youth

Or a set of fine silks to make you feel large in a small world

I am here. Care for me and I will live forever.

Now, though, there is a battle to be fought

One that has been waged on countless fields by many contenders

So I will say goodbye and hello again at the 1320…catch me if you can.

_Nick C